2. Application interface

The application interface is providing clear and intuitive navigation and access to key features and tools.


Main screen

2.1. Toolbar

The following functions are available via the toolbar:

Toolbar items:

  • open sidebar

  • login / user account

  • open map legend

  • project selector

  • navigation information on administration page

2.2. Sidebar

The navigation menu of the application is located here. It contains fixed, context-dependent and freely definable elements.



Main elements

  • application logo

  • map viewer

  • settings

  • administration pages

Customizable items

  • about us page

  • privacy policy

  • terms of use

  • cookie consent settings

  • custom pages defined by application initialization

When initializing the application, we can specify which pages should be displayed on the sidebar. The content of the pages can be changed at any time. If the application has been initialized for multiple languages, these pages can be loaded in all the languages that have been specified.

2.3. Viewport

The start screen of the application is the Map viewer. Here you can access ready-made maps, integrated point clouds, search functions and digitization tools. The viewport is used to display the map and access the associated tools.